“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”

- John F. Kennedy

Student Affairs

Dr. Debra Robinson

Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs

The Student Affairs office provides innovative services and experiential learning opportunities to promote personal and professional development, lifetime engagement and the success of Missouri S&T students.

Athletics and Recreation

Mark Mullin

Director, Athletics

The athletics program is maintained as a vital component of the education program at Missouri S&T, with student-athletes being an integral part of the student body. The admission, academic setting and academic progress of student-athletes is consistent with policies and standards adopted by the institution for the student body in general. Intercollegiate athletics at Missouri S&T are conducted in a manner to protect and enhance the physical and educational welfare of student-athletes.

Career Opportunities and Employer Relations

William Zwikelmaier

Director, Career Opportunities and Employer Relations

The Career Opportunities and Employer Relations office is dedicated to helping students and alumni pursue their career dreams, offering a variety of professional development services to students and alumni.

Counseling Services

Patti Fleck

Director, Counseling Services

The Counseling Services office promotes the success and wellbeing of the Missouri S&T community through educational access, health promotion and psychological assistance.

Office of the Dean of Students

Dr. James Murphy

Assistant Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs and Dean of Students

The Dean of Students Office upholds Missouri S&T standards by fostering a safe and inclusive campus community through developmental education and engagement.

Leach Theatre

Emily Brickler

Managing Director, Leach Theatre

Leach Theatre is located inside Castleman Hall and provides world class entertainment to the Missouri S&T campus and south central Missouri area.

Residential Life

Dorie Paine

Director, Residential Life

The Department of Residential Life supports the mission of the university by fostering safe and inclusive community environments focused on enhancing students’ academic success, professional development, and personal growth.

S&T Store

Mark Gallardo

Manager, The S&T Store

The S&T Store has been the “miner’s pick” since 1870, and provides students with a place to purchase required textbooks and S&T memorabilia.

Student Health Services

Dennis S. Goodman

Medical Director

The Student Health Services office provides services to ensure that Missouri S&T students are healthy and happy.

Student Involvement

John Gallagher

Director, Student Involvement

The Student Involvement office enriches the student experience and promotes life long learning by fostering an inclusive community that empowers students to lead and serve through meaningful involvement.

Student Services and Operations

Mark Potrafka

Director, Student Services and Operations

The Student Services and Operations office contributes to student retention and satisfaction by maintaining and managing facilities that make educational and professional development more intentional and promote sustainability on campus.

Testing and Student Disability Services

Carol Durk

Manager, Testing and Student Disability Services

The Testing and Student Disability Services serves the Missouri S&T and greater Rolla area community by providing a courteous and secure atmosphere for testing and assessment services.

University Dining Services

Vincent Ryan

Director, Dining Services

The University Dining Services office provides the campus with food service.