World-changing research

“Nothing in life is to be feared. It is to be understood.”

- Marie Curie

Areas of research

As an internationally recognized research university, Missouri S&T is furthering our understanding of the world around us – and creating innovations that drive our global, interconnected economy. From the development of new materials to strengthen roads and bridges to the creation of bioactive glass to treat cancer, arthritis and hard-to-heal wounds, our researchers are pushing the boundaries of innovation every day.

Student researching in a lab

Research in engineering and computing

The College of Engineering and Computing focuses on five emphasis areas: Engineering for Extremes, Infrastructure, Manufacturing and Economic Development, Smart Systems, and Sustainable Energy, Minerals, and Resources.

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Research in arts, sciences, and business

The College of Arts, Sciences, and Business conducts research in the sciences, medicine, the humanities, business, information science and technology, and more. 

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Research centers

Our research centers combine multiple academic disciplines to focus on research in one of our four Signature Research Areas.

Multiple Centers

Our research centers are interdisciplinary, which means you might be doing research alongside a biology student next to a environmental engineering student, next to a psychology student, working with an engineering management student, getting guidance from a geology professor and a civil engineering graduate assistant. Seriously, our research centers run the gamut from rock mechanics and explosives to environmental science and technology, and are run by some of the best experts in their fields. And, of course, the centers support our four signature research areas, as outlined in our strategic plan - Advanced Manufacturing, Advanced Materials for Sustainable Infrastructure, Enabling Materials for Extreme Environments, and Smart Living.

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High-Tech Equipment

Our research centers feature state-of-the-art equipment and technology in leading-edge labs. Test concrete in the High Bay Structures Lab, investigate airplane Particulate Matter emissions using the Cloud and Aerosol Sciences Laboratory’s mobile diagnostic facility, research Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) using the Missouri S&T Nuclear Reactor, the first on-campus reactor in the state, create glass microspheres for the treatment of liver cancer using the Materials Research Center’s firing kilns, or blow something up in our Experimental Mine - for science!

Research magazine

Research Magazine Fall 2018

Highlighting our groundbreaking discoveries

Published by the Office of Sponsored Programs, re:search highlights some of the groundbreaking discoveries and advances of Missouri S&T’s research programs through detailed features and narratives.

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