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Bertelsmeyer Hall

James E. Bertelsmeyer Hall, our newest academic building, opened to students, faculty, staff, alumni and visitors in fall 2014. The $22.3 million hall features some of the finest chemical and biochemical engineering research and learning laboratories in the country. The crown jewel of the building is the $5 million Frank H. Conrad Unit Operations Lab, which features bioreactors and a two-story distillation column.


Did you know you don’t have to visit the United Kingdom to observe the summer solstice at Stonehenge? That’s right. In the early 1980s, students and faculty built a partial reconstruction of Stonehenge on campus, using the university’s waterjet equipment to cut pieces of granite to the proper dimensions and arranging them for astronomical purposes. The monument, located on the northwest edge of campus, is open to the public and features approximately 160 tons of granite. It stands for many things - a lasting monument to humanity’s quest for knowledge and discovery, the largest monument to ever be cut with a waterjet, and a link from the past into the modern.

Havener Center

The Havener Center serves as the center of our campus community, both literally and figuratively. It offers a place for students, faculty, staff, alumni and guests to socialize and congregate. Need a quick caffeine boost for your 8 a.m.? Grab a coffee on the way to class. Want to relax with friends? Hang out in the student lounge, which features pool tables, a big screen TV and piano. Need somewhere to hold your student organization's next meeting? The Havener Center has a number of rooms of all shapes and sizes that can be reserved.

Hasselmann Alumni House

Our brand new alumni house hosts social functions and gatherings, and features a bar, lounge, board room, welcome center and reception room.

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