“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”

- Albert Einstein

Our colleges

Whether you’re looking for a top-notch education in business or biology, engineering or English, Missouri S&T is the right fit for you.

College of Arts, Sciences, and Business

With a unique mix of traditional liberal arts and humanities, biological and physical sciences, education, business, behavioral sciences, and military science disciplines, the College of Arts, Sciences, and Business offers a diverse array of degree programs to fit your interests. And you’ll learn from faculty who are experts in their fields - like  accomplished military historian and author John McManus, or prolific researcher and chemist Jay Switzer.

Dream big. Imagine synthesizing chemicals to treat cancer, teaching a new generation of brilliant students or solving the next big problem as CEO of your own company. With your Missouri S&T degree, you’ll earn the tools and knowledge to build the career of your dreams.

College of Engineering and Computing

If you’re looking for a great education in engineering or computing, the College of Engineering and Computing offers a broad range of options. Choose from 18 undergraduate degree programs, 16 of which are ABET-accredited, or from 19 Master’s degree and Ph.D. programs, 17 of which have an online presence. Interested in a Ph.D. in explosives engineering? BOOM! We’ve got you covered -  with the only program of its kind in the country. How about a dual degree in computer science and computer engineering? We’ve got you there, too - with the oldest and most accomplished computer science program in the state.

Computer science and engineering grads have some of the highest starting salaries in the country, according to U.S. News & World Report. You’ll have a world of career options to choose from - from working to bring safe drinking water to developing countries as a geological engineer, to protecting our country from cyber attacks as a data security analyst.

Classrooms and labs

Small class sizes

Interested in getting to know your professors and working side-by-side with them? With a student-to-faculty ratio of 18:1, and an average lab size of 17 students, you can feel comfortable knowing that your professor will be there to answer questions and give advice.

Lecture halls and labs

You’ll discover lecture halls and laboratories equipped with modern technology to help you feel comfortable and ready to learn. These include “clicker” classrooms, where students are given a personal remote and asked to answer questions on the fly, to virtual classrooms, where professors use a green screen to interact with students.

Online learning

Learn anywhere

Our online and distance graduate degrees and certificate programs are nationally ranked and offer coursework taught by world-renowned faculty. After you finish a graduate certificate program, the process is streamlined to provide entry into a corresponding graduate degree program.

We are committed to designing programs to help advance your career and enhance your depth of knowledge without interrupting your personal and professional life.

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Experiential learning

Hands On Experience

At Missouri S&T, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to ditch your desk and get out of the classroom. In fact, we implore you to. Every undergraduate student must have some sort of experiential learning experience before they graduate - whether that means participating on a design team or a club sports team, joining a student organization or doing research with renowned faculty. And don’t worry. With so many opportunities, you’re sure to find something that interests you. And we’ll help!

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Undergraduate Research

Regardless of your major, you can expect to do significant research. Our Opportunities for Undergraduate Research Experience program gives you the chance to work alongside your favorite professor on a meaningful research project. Recent examples include research on how trees can remove pollutants from the ground (phytoremediation), how nanoparticles could more efficiently deliver medicine through the body, and how smartphones could be used to improve emergency response systems.

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Build Your Skills in a Design Team

Ask any alum of one of our more than 20 student design teams and they’ll tell you the best, most rewarding experiences they had at Missouri S&T were as a part of that team. Design team membership is multi-disciplinary and open to, and encouraged of, students of any major, interest, or background.

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